History and evolution

Experts for more than 40 years in the international trade sector

In 1964, Mister Constant Van dyck started a commercial activity in the area of biscuits, industrial pastry, sweets and chocolates.

In 1967, he created the Probisco Ltd., a specialized company in the promotion and sales of sweet food on the Belgian markets and the markets of their neighbours (Netherlands, Germany and France).

During the years, the children of Mister Constant Van Dyck (Anita, Rudy, Werner and Marc) joined the company.

Since 1985, Mr. Werner and Mr. Marc Van Dyck are the managers and their children (Julie, Yannick and Dimitri) joined the company as well.

The Arwem holding was created in 1990 ; the Van Dyck family is the main shareholder.

The food activity of the holding, named “Arwem Food Group” developped 5 european subsidiary companies : Dimi Belgium (1991), Satellite France and Happy Snack Deutschland (1994), Dimi Nederland (1996) and Dimi Dulces Iberica (2005).

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